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Email: is a superb domain name. I registered it in 1997 with the intent to become a Website Host. I was operating a fairly lucrative business at the time so I got behind in the massive race to be the biggest and baddest.

Now, with over Two (2) Billion people online, what a remarkable opportunity. There are more people desiring to build websites and blogs than anyone ever projected.

Website Hosting is the most steady, needed, service on the internet. You do the math, 2 billion (two thousand million) people, shopping and searching for information, all go to websites. All websites have to be hosted! Hardly anyone hosts their own websites! There are a handful of tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google that have their own servers hosting their own sites, but most use third party hosting. Even Netflix pays a third party hosting company to host its huge website.

I am serious, being a website host is one of the three (3) necessary parts of the internet! Think about it, websites and content cannot be accessed without a place to reside!

Lastly, the math; a million vs a billion.
A million seconds is 12 days.
A billion seconds is 32 years.
Become a Website Host. I am retiring. Email: